Climber facing tall cliffLet’s Challenge Some Assumptions


Getting To The Point with Complete
Training Solutions

Knowledge, Skill, WillKnowledge…is good. Representatives with a depth of knowledge and fluency in their product bring a great deal of value to their customers.


Skill…when applied to knowledge, is even better. The real question is, once they leave the training…


Will…they apply it?  Or, do they go back to doing the same thing they’ve been doing?


Action Translates to Results

The training class is ending and the evaluation sheets are in. Your sales team can usually demonstrate what they know and how they can apply it. But will they? Too often the answer is no. Unfortunately, high scores on an evaluation keeps us from taking a second look at design. Instead we look to coaching and pull through.


Just like a customer who won’t use a product unless it helps them achieve a better outcome, the behaviors you’re training will not be carried through if they don’t address a specific point that will help the sales representative get a better result. That’s why Critical Thinking Co. thinks critically before we do the design.


We want a design that works. One that addresses the knowledge, the skill, and the will of the participant. Because a willing sales professional is a high-performing sales professional. Willing to do the hard work. Willing to have the tough dialogue. Willing to challenge their own assumptions because they want to get to a result.


Why not go with an approach that goes beyond skillful dialogue as a goal? At Critical Thinking Co., we target the specific actions your customers will need to take, then train your sales team to leverage their knowledge and skill in such a way that customers respond with those actions. Which brings us to our point…




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